ODT - Spanish roofing slate safely behind bars

25 May 2019

Clean slates inside prison walls are rare.

But as of yesterday, there were 20 pallets of them, sitting in the central courtyard at Dunedin's former prison building, just waiting to be laid.

Trust contractors cut the roof off the steel mesh cage in the courtyard so they could hoist the pallets of new roofing slates, from the street outside, over the south cell block, into the prison grounds.

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ODT - Old prison roof being restored


Work to restore the roof of the former Dunedin prison to its former glory has begun, project manager Guy Williams says.

Mr Williams said contractors had spent the past two weeks stripping slate from the building’s roof, salvaging any in good condition.

The Dunedin Prison Trust had acquired slate from Christchurch earthquake projects over the past 18 months, and would use it to replace damaged slate on the prison roof.

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ODT - Restoration begins on historic prison


Scaffolding is rising outside the former Dunedin prison as stonemasons at a South Dunedin business prepare the way for the building to return to its original form.

Tradespeople are expected to start work next month on what is one of the oldest prisons in New Zealand.

The 120-year-old Victorian-style courtyard facility designed by John Campbell, who, six years later, was to design the neighbouring courthouse building, was decommissioned in 2007.

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3 News - Dunedin Prison becomes tourist trap


It has housed axe murderers and baby killers, but now Dunedin's old prison is being transformed into a world-class tourist attraction.

Dunedin Prison guard Ken Burt spent 28 years locking up criminals in the prison’s cells. Now he's locking up tourists.

"Back in 1966, this is the general area where Constable Donald Stokes was murdered by two prisoners trying to escape."

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ODT - Trust bought prison for $20,000


The historic Dunedin Prison was sold for $20,000, it has been revealed.The property, which has a capital value of $1.77 million, was sold to the Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust this week, after Ngai Tahu deferred its first right of refusal to buy the surplus Crown property.

While the trust and the iwi declined to release the sale price, Land Information New Zealand (Linz) Crown Property Management acting manager John Hook confirmed a sale price of $20,000, plus GST, if any...

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ODT - Dunedin Prison set to receive a new kind of inmate


Dunedin Prison is about to be given a new lease of life, Ngai Tahu, in a significant act of goodwill, has deferred their First Right of Refusal to facilitate a direct sale between the Crown and the Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust.

“We are extremely grateful to Ngai Tahu for their generosity and cooperation. The sale is the culmination of a year of discussions between both parties”, said Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust Chairman Stewart Harvey...

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ODT - Prison rates relief bid


The group planning to buy the former Dunedin Prison has applied to the Dunedin City Council for rates relief for the Castle St building.

But Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust spokesman Stewart Harvey said on Friday the trust was still not in a position to confirm the purchase.

The application was one of many the trust had made to various funders on the expectation the purchase would be confirmed, he said...

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ODT - Ideas floated for former prison


The viability of restoring and developing the former Dunedin Prison as a tourist attraction should be known by the end of the year.

About 60 people who attended a meeting last night in Dunedin to discuss the prison building's future were told the Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust, keen to restore the building, considered ventures in the complex had to be self-supporting...

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ODT - Trust keen to buy old city prison


The former Dunedin Prison is being sought by a local trust after Ngai Tahu turned down the right to buy the historic property.

Stewart Harvey, of the Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust, said he believed the trust now had first option on the historic property.

"We haven't bought it, but we hope to buy it."...

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ODT - Heritage funding for prison trust


A group that has to reapply for incorporation as a charitable trust has secured a $20,000 Dunedin City Council grant to appraise a heritage building it does not own.

The Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust has received a grant from the Dunedin Heritage Fund to prepare a conservation plan for the decommissioned Dunedin Prison.

The work would be part of an overall assessment of the cost - and viability - of possible future uses for the empty 114-year-old brick building...

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ODT - For sale: one very old prison


The Department of Corrections has revealed it is selling the decommissioned 113-year-old Dunedin Prison, but is keeping quiet about to whom the building may be sold, or its future use.

Since it was decommissioned in 2007, there has been speculation about whether the building, which held about 59 medium-security prisoners and 40 remand prisoners, would be reopened for remand prisoners or sold....

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