Annual Report for period to 31 March 2014

We have pleasure in presenting the Annual Report and Financial Accounts for the year to 31 March 2014, which has been a year of waiting for the Conservation Plan to be completed.


Parking Spaces
All our 23 car parking spaces continue to be let at market rentals.

Tours have proved to be popular and have been run through most of the year, bringing in revenue of $9,540. Thanks again go to our tour guides Ken Burt, John Thomson and Peter Caswell.

The surplus stand-by generator which we sold some time ago has still not yet been uplifted.


Power supply – a new contract has been entered into with Contact Energy at lower rates than previously.

Water tightness – the roof and gutters have been maintained in a satisfactory condition and provide a watertight building. Some cleaning of gutters and downpipes was carried out by volunteers.

Plumbing – very little water and drainage repair was needed.

Fire safety – At balance date 31 March 2013 there was a balance owing to NZ Fire Service of $5,750 plus GST being charges for call-outs to false alarms. NZFS have now waived these charges as we have been able to assure them that we have addressed the false alarm issues.


It was elected to insure the building through brokers Rothburys, against Material Damage loss for $1.217m, total premium being $11,536 excluding GST.


We still qualify for Dunedin City Council rates relief of $5,150 p.a., and this will expire next year. However the Otago Regional Council continue to not provide rates relief.

Volunteers & Friends

Volunteers - we have been extremely well-served by Peter Caswell, our Facilities Manager, and his band of volunteers, most of whom come from the Probus Club of Andersons Bay.

Friends Group details have been captured on a database, which will give us ease of access for newsletters etc.


This continues to serve us well.

New Zealand Historic Places Trust

We acknowledge the on-going support and expertise of the Otago Office which has been valuable both to ourselves and to our Conservation Plan consultants. Having this good relationship is a quality assurance factor for all developments we undertake.

Conservation Plan

Chris and Margaret Betteridge began work in Dunedin on 16 November 2012 and we have now, April 2013, signed off on the completed plan. This is a very complete and professional document and will ably guide us through our redevelopment of the prison.

The trustees have held their first planning meeting, being the first step to convert our ‘vision’ into reality, and plan the way forward.

Stewart Harvey
20 April 2014