Annual Report for period to 31 March 2015

We have pleasure in presenting the Annual Report and Financial Accounts for the year to 31 March 2015, which show a Cash Surplus of $27,650, and Bank Balances of $55,106. Unfortunately it has been a year of little progress towards our original goals.


Parking Spaces
All our 23 car parking spaces continue to be available to be let at market rentals and earned us $44,393 gross (2014 $40,517).

Have proved to be popular and, except over winter months, have been run throughout the year, bringing in revenue of $7,145 (2014 $9,540). Thanks again go to our tour guides Ken Burt, John Thomson and Peter Caswell.

Film 'Light Between Oceans'
In November 2014 Dreamworks negotiated the use of the prison as part of their film set. This was an excellent arrangement as they were great to deal with and it provided us with some $11,000 of revenue.


Roof Survey
Water tightness – while we have maintained the roof and gutters to repel the worst of the water ingress it became evident that much more was going to be needed to protect the roof structure.

In August 2014 Guy Williams was commissioned to prepare a Condition Report and Specifications to repair and restore the slate roof and its timber structure.

In late March 2015 Guy began collecting prices for the work needed as ‘Stage One’ – the Admin Block. These prices are needed before we can apply for funding for the work.

Earthquake Strengthening
We have had the building surveyed by Stephen Macknight who advises that there is very little work needed to bring it up to 67% of code. This work will be included in prices for roof work.


Owen Graham is working on applications to Lotteries and Otago Community Trust to fund work needed on roof.

Strategy Session

On January 20, 2015, Sarah Ramsay led a meeting of trustees and other interested parties in working up our vision for the future of the prison. Useful feedback was documented and a clear vision is imminent.


Insurance on the building was renewed through brokers Rothburys against Material Damage loss for $1.217m. Trustees Liability Insurance is also held - Public Liability $2m and Statutory Liability $500,000. Total premium being $12,309 excluding GST.


We still qualify for Dunedin City Council rates relief. As from 2014 it is set at $6,898.74 per annum for the next 3 years.

Volunteers & Friends

Volunteers - we have been extremely well-served by Peter Caswell, our Facilities Manager, and his band of volunteers, most of whom come from the Probus Club of Andersons Bay. The ANZ bank staff held a 'staff workday' at the prison in March and this enabled us to give the place a spring clean.


This continues to serve us well.

Heritage New Zealand

We acknowledge the on-going support and expertise of the Otago Office. Having this good relationship is a quality assurance factor for all developments we undertake.

Conservation Plan

This was completed in April 2013, and trustees signed off on the completed plan. We gained a very complete and professional document which will ably guide us through our redevelopment of the prison.

Interpretation Plan

Guy Williams began work on an Interpretation Plan in March 2015. This will specify what we want to do with the building, and once agreed by the trustees, it has to be signed off by Heritage NZ before we can make any alterations to the building fabric.

Oral Histories

Rory Sweetman has conducted and recorded 5 interviews with people who have had connections with the prison.


The surplus stand-by generator which we sold in October 2012 has still not yet been uplifted and we are now charging storage. Uplift is promised by 31 May 2015.


We have lost two trustees recently and are now searching for replacements.

My thanks to trustees Sarah Ramsay, Barry Clarke, and Peter Hutchison for their continued support. Also thanks to those non-trustee board members who have provided valuable assistance all year.

Stewart Harvey
3 May 2015