Annual Report for period to 31 March 2016

I have pleasure in presenting the Annual Report and Financial Accounts for the year to 31 March 2016, which has been a period of consolidation and planning.


Regular revenue is important for us to be able to pay the operating costs on what is a very large commercial building. This has come from two sources:

1. Renting of some 31 car park spaces. Revenue is down this year as we lost some tenants and it took time to replace them, and we had to refund some rentals to a client who continued to pay after they had given notice, and Ministry of Justice found that they had overpaid us by a further substantial amount.

2. Weekly guided tours of the prison at $10 per head. This revenue source has increased slightly over last year.
We are negotiating with our first commercial tenant and hope to have that sealed mid 2016.

Trustees have agreed that we will seek ordinary members for the trust, for whom it is proposed an annual membership fee of $30 for individuals and $90 for corporates should apply.

Film 'Light Between Oceans'
In November 2014 Dreamworks negotiated the use of the prison as part of their film set. This was an excellent arrangement as they were great to deal with and it provided us with some $11,000 of revenue.


Our on-going expenses have consisted principally of keeping the building weathertight, plus insurances, rates and alarm monitoring charges and maintenance.

Restoration Stage 1

Last year Guy Williams our heritage consultant wrote specifications for Restoration Stage 1. This encompasses repair work on the Castle Street block, updating seismic strengthening, renewal of damaged slates and supporting structures, reinstatement of original architectural features which were removed or modified in the building’s chequered history, stone carving and painting and cleaning of the frontage.

We have received Resource Consent for this work and have been fundraising for some $550,000.

Work is expected to commence on 1 September 2016.
Owen Graham, trustee, has secured funding as follows:
Lotteries Heritage $250,000,
Otago Community Trust $90,000,
The Southern Trust $11,000,
DCC Heritage Fund $26,000
Stout Trust $60,000
AAW Jones Trust $20,000
Sargood Bequest $5,000
Alexander Macmillan Trust $20,000
Harry J Wilson Trust $25,000
TOTAL $507,000

So, including our own funds on hand, we are close to being able to give contractors the go-ahead.

Interpretation Plan

One major challenge yet to be faced is the preparation of an Interpretation Plan which will document what we intend for the building interior, and which must be approved by Heritage New Zealand.

What do we have coming up at the moment?

It has been agreed to hold a lecture series as part of the July Science Festival on the topic “Forensic Science and the Criminal”. It is also hoped to open a display and shop for prisoner art. From what we have seen so far there is a whole untapped world of outstanding art being created by prisoners and we hope to make this a New Zealand centre for prisoner art whereby we can display it and sell it on their behalf.


As in all heritage projects we could not operate without the tremendous support of our volunteers. To date we have utilised volunteers for prison tours, cleaning work, and maintenance.
Our thanks are recorded for Ken Burt, Head Tour Guide, Gordon Broome and Kevin Booth, Tour Guides, Peter Croy, Maintenance Officer, and Peter Caswell who as Facilities Manager looks after all matters to do with the building.
On the board we have volunteers to thank — Secretary Frank Robertson, Austin Gee, Stanley Hebden.
During the year we were sorry to lose trustees Terry Hearn and Sarah Ramsay and we thank them for their contribution.
Trustees at present are Barry Clarke, Lindsay Hall, Hamish Saxton, Owen Graham, Paul Pedofski, Peter Hutchison and Stewart Harvey. My thanks to them for their valued guidance over quite challenging times.

Stewart Harvey